A religious Filipino sailor working on a transatlantic ship discovers a hidden Romanian stowaway. Convinced by a Bible this emigrant has on him, the sailor starts playing a dangerous game, involving his crew, his faith in God and an innocent man's life.

Romania - France - Greece - Czech Republic - Bulgaria, 110 min, color

Genre: Thriller

Writer & Director: Mihai Mincan
DoP: George Chiper

Cast: Soliman CruzNiko Becker, Dimitar Vasilev, Bart GuingonaNoel Sto. DomingoOlivier Ho Hio Hen

 DeFilm (Romania)
Co-producers: Remora Films (France), Studio Bauhaus (Greece), Background Films (Czech Republic), Screening Emotions (Bulgaria)
With the support of Bulgarian National Film CenterRomanian National Film Center, Greek National Film Center, Czech National Film Center,  ARTE/Cofinova and Program Media

Status: In Development