What is important for the perfect education? Should a scientist, especially a physicist be acquainted with Friedrich Hölderlin poems? Is it possible someone to teach the moral absolute? Can someone give away the most valuable product nowadays? Or this is just the Theo’s Formula?


Bulgaria, 74 min, color


Writer and director: Nikolay Vasilev
DoP: Borislav Georgiev
Composer: Hristo Namliev
Sound design: Mariana ValkanovaIvan Andreev
Producer: Screening Emotions
Co-producers: Peak Audio, Altera Group Bulgaria, Creative Snab
With the support of Bulgarian National Film Center
World distribution: Lightdox

Special Jury Diploma - "Golden Rhyton"

“Bitter Cup” Award - IFF "Love is Folly"


Sofia IFF - Official Premiere
Kassel Doc Fest, Kassel, Germany
IFF "Love is Folly", Varna
"Golden Rhyton" Festival, Plovdiv
DOCK Festival of the Historical Documentary Film, Burgas
Night of Science Festival, Sofia
Night of Science Festival, Plovdiv
Aviation Days Festival, Sofia
Festival "(Im)Possible Education", Plovdiv
"European Cinema for Students", Sofia
"Blok Kino", Sofia